We handle a wide range of Spinning accessories in the Indonesian market.

Some are listed below.

Lakshmi Ring Travellers ( Coimbatore ) Limited, India

Marketing and Technical Assistance in the Indonesian market by our experienced customer service engineers based in Bandung, Indonesia. Please contact us in case if you need any technical clarifications.

You are also welcome to contact our authorized agents/stockists PT Texmach Impex for local sales/service-related queries. (

Naren Textile Engineers, India

Naren Textile is a renowned spare parts suppliers specialized in Autoconers. In case if you are looking for quality, low-cost alternative to expensive OEM spares, you came to the right place. We take care of marketing as well as after-sales service in Indonesia

Supertex Industries, India

Super Tex is a part of PANSARI group serving the textile industry for the last 30 years. After successfully manufacturing & marketing acrylic dyes in India (the only company doing so), floated yet another challenging product under its umbrella for the manufacture of Cots & Aprons in the year 1996. As one of the leading manufacturer of cots and aprons in India, we look forward to serving the industry with efficient sales & service set up.

Simta Spindle Tapes & Clearer Rollers, India

When it comes to spindle Tapes, it is always SIMTA that comes first to a quality conscious spinner's mind. The reason is not hard to find. Excellent performance even at 25,000 RPM. Most of the leading textile mills have one thing in common: SIMTA Spindle Tapes. That's an honor for our commitment to quality and our strict adherence to international standards.

Contact us for your Spindle Tape and Flocked Clearer Rollers Requirements.

Rotorcraft AG - GREEN COMPACT SYSTEM from Switzerland

Founded by Hans Stahlecker in Altstaetten, Switzerland, in 1973, ROTORCRAFT has been family-owned since. Today, ROTORCRAFT is a leading provider of innovative, high-quality spinning components.

Mechanical Compacting is not a luxury but an economical must: With GreenCompact you choose either to produce your present yarn quality at lower cost or a better yarn at your present cost. No extra power consumption and long-lasting components makes Green Compact the most sustainable compacting solution available on the market. GC GreenCompact is available for cotton and all short-staple synthetics. GC GreenCompact fits likewise PK, P3-1, Yuhua/Changde or RT3 drafting systems.

Please ask our sales team to organize individual spinning trials in your mill.